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Friday, October 1, 2010

Declare War!

Somethings about the new Declare War feature :

War time is 16 Hours.
You can post for help when someone Declares War at you...

Or you can start your own war!

One example of war help on FaceBook wall..

This is one kind of bug we might face when we want to help our friend on their war..

The winner gets 2 Rewards. 1 Rare and 1 Common.
The Helpers get 1 Reward.

Helping friends in war rewards..

When we click on each post about victory, that bonus is 5 Victory Tokens.

And here are the rewards you can get on each war!

Examples of possible War Rewards..

Collect all 16 rewards to claim this Achievement :

Woot, need a quick move to help on your friend's war.. especially since we can and have to collect all the 16 rewards to get the Achievement.. This is so exiciting!
I hope that I am able to get all rewards.. Happy hunting!

PS : Many thanks to Hayden and Ali for the info and screenshots..


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Winners don't get one rare/one common. Two items, yes, but it is all random. I've joined wars where winner gets two crappy common (canonazo and tanto).

Gilbert said... [Reply to comment]

When I try to declare war i get a message i need at least 6 top mafia to do so.Being a maniac i have 4 No wheelman or bagman. Whats the deal with that? How do i get around it?

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