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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Challenge Mission : South Africa

New Challenge Mission is available.. We're going to South Africa!

Up for the challenge?

Yes, we have to start collecting Counterfeit Tickets now.. you can loot them on fight, robbing and job..
And of course, another Challenge Mission another crew you must add!
Please be my guest, add more mafia friends on my PIMP LIST at the left side of this blog..

We still have 2 days to collect the tickets..
"This time for Africa... waka waka!"

PS : Thanks for the tagged on this mission, Toni.. and thank to Red and John for the info!


Septa said... [Reply to comment]

Counterfeit ticket can send via free gift, there are also new items on free gift : spiked cleats, medic cart,and sudden death

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